Posh Pals vehicles are set up as mobile clinics (where cleanliness is key). Our vehicles are fully equipped with the top of the range equipment, including warm water and dryers for that extra special pamper.

All we need from you is :

  1. A Towel to dry the excess water before the dryers are used
  2. Access to a Garden Tap
  3. Access to an Electrical point

What our packages offer :

Standard Package :

  • A thorough brush through
  • Quality shampoo and conditioner. For those with sensitive skin we offer a sensitive skin shampoo.
  • Tick & Flea dip if required
  • Warm water wash & rinse
  • Warm air hair dryer
  • Anal glands get checked and manually expressed if needed
  • Nail cutting
  • Gentle but firm eye cleaning
  • Essential ear cleaning
  • Deodorising spray
  • Hair accessories

Posh Style Packages :

  • Scissor Trim & Neaten
  • Breed cuts or owner specific cuts
  • Summer Cut
  • Winter Cut
  • Teddy Bear Cut
  • Cowboy Cut
  • Lion Head Cut
  • Seal Cut

Extras (additional costs) :

  • Brushing of teeth
  • De shedding